Human Resources

Human Resources


10:01 AM

The Human Resources Department in Tebrak Trade & Cont. Co., is dedicated to regulating, planning, and the development of the business through encouraging the personnel to reach the highest levels of productivity effectively in order to achieve the basic goals of the company including but not limited to: –

  • Contributing in achieving the main goals of the company.
  • Keeping the ethics of the personnel.
  • Delivering the policies of the Human Resources Department to the personnel.
  • Increasing the employees’ satisfaction to reach the highest level of self-achievement.
  • Employing high level skills and efficiencies in addition to the continuous encouraging training.
  • Managing and controlling the process of renewal and subrogation to comply with the plans of development to make the company and the employees get benefits thereof.

Seeking to achieve high efficient performance through abilities and desire, as we seek to increase the abilities through intensive training programs and the development of the personnel, but as for the desire it is represented in bonuses,


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